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hllll by MissTown hllll :iconmisstown:MissTown 1 7
Pennsylvania Wormhole
Pennsylvania Wormhole
The final days of spring are rolling in,
a brisk motion of storms that release us
from a chronic heat that suffocates us
as we swallow what saliva is left in our mouths, parched,
and sweat gallivants about our foreheads
and promenades insolent down our spines
The heat had become routine,
or something more to hate,
something else to drown in.
It is Tuesday morning again
I am sinking in all the Tuesdays
exhausted by all the nothing I am doing
and all the everything I am feeling
This is Tuesday Morning and heat is absent
trees rustle ominous to warn of coming storms,
coming, later, but coming still
a blockade to rising temperatures
(it is closer to fifty than ninety)
Routine passes by in disorder, rearranged and
swallowed by change, for once
I am all right in leaving my burrow to enter the day
usual but backwards, the way it should be if only
The mess proves monotonous until I am saved by good company
Crooked grins and no fear
her angel head and my c
:iconmisstown:MissTown 1 0
There is a Demon in My House by MissTown There is a Demon in My House :iconmisstown:MissTown 3 6
My legs ache even as I sit, motionless, sinking into the padded leather seats. Even in this awful state sarcasm stirs in my mind and I think,How fucking bourgeois. This desperate state leaves me furious a the lack of arm rest. I want to stretch my body and mind, to stretch the upcoming evenings so I can utilize all the time. All the time.
"Did you win?" She asks and I snap at her. I hurt her because her words don't sting like my fathers, and I don't mind if she calls me a nasty bitch. Fuck you.
It isn't her fault, I am a terrible daughter.
I say "Who cares? Let's not talk about it."
She interrupted me once or twice, like it matters. I slouch and lean on the door, sighing and sniffing weak. Mucus in my throat makes me cough, but it lingers and itches still. Millions of cock roaches zip through my brain and I wish they would die, but they never die. They come and go but always swarming. There are too many, too much. I'd like to sleep.
I don't notice the radio i
:iconmisstown:MissTown 0 5
"April fools," she said
She drew the curtain and then
On the other side
Of the window pane
snow was sighing it fell
Dreary inside, out
"I'll be home at six,"
Bruised in falling asleep once
Bruised falling again
Drugged, dream black secrets
Waking in a blanket sea
Meow, good morning
Scarred burned heart wakes up
Ten o'clock, this day is the
third state of matter
A gas, before and
after, nowhere, everywhere
Clouded mind says, "Hey,
"Get it over with,"
Snapped body takes a deep breath,
"Get it over with,"
It doesn't take long
The weight of your throat and the
disappointment, stress
Everything is got
over. with. take a deep breath
shards of bone, of self
:iconmisstown:MissTown 0 2
February Spring
February Spring
These feet smell like dirt again
numb but pulsing quickly
your heart in your heals
heaving lungs, breathing the same way
the wind whistles through naked branches
then sprints through evergreens
one mighty breath of sun
Rolling over the earth
just a cloud-girl
cloud-girl rolling smooth
and struck pink by rays
of red sun light
moving under the cosmos
around the sun with the sun's rays
of red sun light
pulsing quickly, neptune-numb
cloud-girl rotating
heaving lungs,
these feet smell like dirt again
:iconmisstown:MissTown 3 6
Yellow Woman
Yellow Woman
A second split brooding, staring out a window of a first-place bus, gold and loud,
barreling over hills, around turns. A second split, woman spotted, garbed in a sweater (bus colored). The sweater of a championed old woman, hit by a sliver of sunlight through a single pane door, glass. Her hair was white.
Maybe blonde, once.
She was sitting at a table, presumably in her kitchen, maybe the family room. Resting, maybe not resting her head in her left hand, rubbing her brow and looking at something, presumably, on the table in her kitchen, maybe the family room. Maybe not championed, maybe cursed and doomed, maybe tired and writing a letter.
I thought she could be doing a crossword puzzle, too, maybe sudoku. What if she's just tired or reading about some sports team?
Seconds split to minutes and minutes to moments and those later I saw another woman walking, carrying a leather purse and some groceries, presumably, inside. I thought it might be icy and I suddenly
:iconmisstown:MissTown 0 0
Talking on Ice
Talking on Ice
Rolling over on the idea of love-
garden ready in
double knotted hiking boots
up a mountain
wiggling naked fingers into dirt
seed drops gentle like memories
wrapped up in plastic, soil,
ice and snow
triple knotted hiking boots
down a mountain
With a happy refrain
:iconmisstown:MissTown 0 0
Old Road 15
Old Road 15
I'm waking up tonight realizing what day it is of what month. One year ago, I don't even think I'll feel like that again.
Everything was o-kay, I was o-kay, from my heart to my head and mostly my body temperature. My bones were locked with cold, but it was winter. I wasn't completely locked up, not all of me. Not yet, anyway.
My heart beat through that month soft metamorphosis. Since November I had wrapped myself up in gentle words, warm and maybe in love. Tight, in love and aching to get out of this silk chrysalis. The first month came along and I struggled to get out, he helped me so. Planted me in the ground and watered me, gave me the sun of himself and talked to me so I could grow and give something to him, maybe. I don't know how much he cared for what I could offer but he gave me everything. I wilted.
Looking back on the first two months and the first 5 days (especially the fifth) of the third and hearing his words today snapped me in half. Who am I to not not
:iconmisstown:MissTown 0 2
In a Year
In a Year
Previously this month passed
scarless, beautiful and now nostalgia falls like snow
swallowing me whole, so cold it burns my skin
and I must sit a while before I run the hot water
It is different to turn to her and say, Remember when?
than it is to look at him and think the same,
to remember our tumbling stomachs and how
we were together when the weather was terrible,
when our shoes were wet and the wind was like a barrage of knives
slitting dry skin and leaving us freezing
terrified of each other but longing
and happy, too, except for occasional bursts of self-consciousness
Remember when is a toast to the past followed by a hug and a grin and perhaps a challenge to try again, bigger, better
Those glances and stomach aches aren't butterflies these days
rather, construction sites with a wrecking ball to the heart
:iconmisstown:MissTown 1 3
Bent Knees
Bent Knees
Plastered on Earth like a temporary tattoo, sinking-mountain girl sits on her bedroom floor reading old magazines and letters from past lovers.
You make me laugh for absolutely no reason at all orYou're the most beautiful girl in the entire world, I love you or All these things deserve letters of their own, or You make me smile when I'm upset, it's all the same when she lights a match.
"Bullshit," her nose is running but she's out of tissues, "Total bullshit."
The phone rings downstairs and the record spins a final doo-wop. White noise fills up the room- thick, white and crinkly paper pours of of the record player, jagged lines scrawled across them in blank ink, old journals and letters and resumes. Paper cut, she lights a match.
:iconmisstown:MissTown 1 2
I've never been able to walk down my
with my eyes closed without
straying into grass
or snow
Coming home, anyway, is nothing I care for
only wanting to get out
of this car and
s tr e t ch
my heart is here, tight and knotted in the garden
where even in spring the buds bloom modestly,
shrugging, maybe, bringing bees to sting
bringing bees to be stepped on
cycles, old is new and nice and sometimes worse sometimes
By the road is the line of pine trees
evergreen, stitched solid evergreens
always living and breathing well, pulsing through winter
fatter maybe, taller maybe, dying, maybe, evergreen
The house itself is ugly, the heart itself is ugly,
smelling of cat hair, cat urine on a lost sweatshirt.
hair of the dead dog in a bag, a strainer on the kitchen counter
fruit on the kitchen counter
bills on the kitchen counter
pink espresso maker
on the kitchen counter
Three doors to this heart on the first story, one in the basement and many windows.
There are p
:iconmisstown:MissTown 1 2
Eastwood by MissTown Eastwood :iconmisstown:MissTown 1 4 Whirl by MissTown Whirl :iconmisstown:MissTown 1 11 What Love is All About by MissTown What Love is All About :iconmisstown:MissTown 2 4 They Don't Know by MissTown They Don't Know :iconmisstown:MissTown 0 0
I draw stuff and it's sometimes alright. Even if you don't like it, I hope you have a good day. What are you having for dinner?

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I like things.





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Today I have grown taller from
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~ Karle Wilson Bake
    two too many mental breakdowns for the worst reasons. if you close the door, you never have to see the day again. i wiash it was always dark and i hate being home and coming home and thinking about home. i'm bleeding a lot, puking and sneezing blood a lot.


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